Connected Agriculture with Mexedia Net+

Maximizing yields and sustainability through our advanced Agriculture 4.0 solutions. With Mexedia Net+, we transform every field into a technological vision of the future of agriculture.

The advantages for Agriculture

Precision and control

With Mexedia Net+ technologies, farmers can accurately monitor soil, weather, and plant conditions. This enables a more targeted use of resources such as water and fertilizers, optimizing production and reducing waste.

Remote management

With the advanced connectivity provided by Mexedia Net+, it's possible to remotely control and manage agricultural equipment, irrigation systems, and other devices, offering unprecedented flexibility and timely responses to any changes or issues.

Sustainability and innovation

The adoption of Mexedia Net+ solutions promotes sustainable agricultural practices, reducing the ecological footprint and harnessing technological innovations to ensure efficient and environmentally friendly production.

Our services

  • <strong>Agritech</strong><br>Ottimizzazione dell'efficienza delle aziende agricole attraverso soluzioni digitali avanzate. Agritech
    Optimizing the efficiency of agricultural businesses through advanced digital solutions.
  • <strong>Agrivoltaico</strong><br>Sfruttamento  dello stesso terreno sia per la produzione di energia solare che per l'agricoltura. Agrivoltaics
    Utilization of the same land for both solar energy production and agriculture.
  • <strong>Modernizzazione delle strutture irrigue</strong><br>Maggiore efficienza e sostenibilità dell'irrigazione agricola attraverso l'adozione di tecnologie e pratiche innovative. Modernization of irrigation structures
    Enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural irrigation through the adoption of innovative technologies and practices.

Mexedia Net+ Agritech

All the tools you need in a single application that allows you to enter digital agriculture in a simple and comprehensive manner.

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